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Sussex projects benefitting from the Children and Young People Investment Fund

A group of young people in a hall dancing with a female instructor at the front
Hangleton & Knoll x YES Dance project

Sussex projects benefitting from the Children and Young People Investment Fund

Here we look at three projects that have benefitted from the Children and Young People Investment Fund.

The Hangleton & Knoll Project is a community development charity based in the Hangleton and Knoll ward of Brighton and Hove and has been part of the community since 1983.

It runs a wide range of sessions every evening of the week to help benefit the community, ranging from a young women’s support group to boxing, football, and even computer drop-in sessions.

As part of the funding, the project has organised street dance, teaming up with Marina Dance Studios as part of its Y.E.S. project. 

The participants are all girls, ranging from 11-16 years, and all come from families in social housing or have been means-tested to need support to pay for sessions. 

Alongside the two-hour dance session, there is a food break halfway through, with a combination of healthy snacks available. 

Helen Baxter is the project manager, while her daughter, Rhiannon, is the Marina Dance employed dance teacher.

Two dance leaders in the group have been trained through the Y.E.S project and have spoken about their role in helping the other participants to have a voice and to help them feel happy and comfortable.

The young participants have said the class is a great chance to meet friends, get active and feel healthy.

Another project benefitting from CYP Investment funding is Up-Grade Martial Arts, which has started three new kickboxing ‘satellite’ clubs.

The young instructor, Marshall, is only 16, but has taken on the delivery of the session alongside experienced head coach Dan Barfoot. 

This club is held at All Saints Primary School in Bexhill, and the other new clubs are in Pebsham and Bexhill and are also delivered by young ‘apprentice’ coaches.

Supporting the development of new coaches is so important to firstly allow more children to get the opportunity to have a positive and active experience, but also helps to create sustainability of these types of sessions for years to come.

All three clubs will feed into the main club sessions held in Bexhill, providing a pathway to participation and competition.

Andy Wright, the Strategic Relationship Manager for Children and Young People, visited one of the classes and said: “It was brilliant to see the next generation of leaders within the group, with three of the children taking on clear leadership roles, and supporting their friends in their development.

“Talking to the young people, they clearly love coming to the sessions and enjoy the calm and gentle delivery style of Marshall. 

“Marshall is very honest in his appreciation that he is very new to coaching, and keen to learn, but in Dan he has an excellent mentor who will help him to become the best coach and leader that he can be.”

Thanks to the funding, FMG Project is delivering two courses of lessons for children with varying challenges in accessing physical activity.

The gym and fitness lessons are set in an underground gym in Kensington Street in the centre of Brighton.

The project combines the lessons with mental wellbeing support and is working with two groups, 14-16 year olds and 16+ years. 

Andy Wright said after his visit: “One of the young people told me that he doesn’t go to school at the moment, but has been coming to the sessions for two weeks, twice a week and loves it.

“The young people get two group sessions a week plus access to the facility on Fridays to ‘do their own thing’. 

“This project is giving young people the opportunity to build a healthy habit and support both their physical and mental wellbeing.”

Very young children taking part in a martial arts class
Up-grade training apprentice project
A group of young people in a gym doing squats
FMG project
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