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Sussex Sports Awards 2022

The Sussex Sports Awards 2022 will take place on Thursday 24th November 2022 at Sussex County Cricket Club.

The Judges Scores are in....

Active Sussex are thrilled to announce the shortlist of Finalists for this year’s Sussex Sports Awards.

The awards, which celebrates individuals and organisations excelling within Sussex sport and physical activity saw a high standard of nominations; both in terms of quantity and quality. Judges have had the unenviable task of selecting just three nominees for each category, with the winner crowned at the prestigious annual event on 24 November.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, but particularly to our Finalists:


Active School of the Year

Little Common School, Little Common
Thomas A Beckett Junior School, Worthing
Southwater Junior Academy, Southwater


Community Engagement Award

Active Worthing Wellbeing Centre CIC
South Coast Sports
Cancer United


Health Improvement Award

Dr David Fox and Kirsten Adams, Hastings Primary Care Network
Sussex Macmillan Nurses
Lorraine Wilson, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust


Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP Inclusion & Diversity Award

Defiant Sports
Brighton Galaxy Girls’ Football Academy
Freedom Leisure Healthy Communities Brighton and Hove


Outstanding Contribution to Sport & Physical Activity Award

Jackie Wood
Eric Douglin
Loretta Lock


Sports Personality of the Year

Fabienne André, Wheelchair Racing
Will Bayley, Table Tennis
Isabelle Everest, Judo


Volunteer of the Year

Eric Douglin, World Club Basketball Tournament
Digna Baynes, Brighton Table Tennis Club
Andy Lindley, Sands United FC Brighton & Hove


You can join us at Sussex County Cricket Club on Thursday 24 November as the winners are revealed. Tickets cost £24, and include arrival drinks and canapes. For more information and to book, please visit www.ssa2022.eventbrite.com.

Categories & Criteria

This award is open to Primary and Secondary schools which engage pupils in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Nominations should detail how the school uses physical activity to support wider school priorities, such as attainment, attendance, behaviour or health, as well as how the school targets ‘less active’ demographics. Nominations should evidence how the school uses pupil voice to ensure opportunities are demand-led and encourage physical activity both beyond the school day and for life, and how the quality and sustainability of opportunities are always considered to ensure they lead to positive experiences. In addition to pupils, the school should support other stakeholders (parents, staff, local community) to regularly participate in physical activity.

This award will shine the spotlight on an exemplary organisation, project or initiative that has tackling inequalities in physical activity at its heart. The winner should have a clearly identified audience and evidence how it has specifically targeted this community. Over the last 12 months they will have shown adaptability, creativity and innovation to overcome challenges. They will be able to demonstrate how it has engaged a group in physical activity who would otherwise have been physically inactive.

This award will recognise the outstanding contribution of a Sussex-based health professional or small team in supporting residents into physical activity. This could have involved prescribing, funding, promoting or otherwise supporting physical activity. Over the last 12 months they will have taken action to target health inequalities. They will have either shifted the culture of their organisation towards a greater emphasis on preventative health, and changed the behaviour of individuals to manage their own health. They have been creative in how they achieve this change.

This award recognises an organisation or community group that has worked with people from underrepresented groups to reduce inequalities through sport/physical activity. They have worked hard to remove barriers, improve access to opportunities and create positive experiences, be it through participation, or even volunteering. The work undertaken could include the general approach to all-round inclusivity or be focused on specific project(s) to increase diversity. It will have championed, inspired or empowered underrepresented groups, delivering activities appropriate to their needs and resulting in increased participation or sustained engagement over the past 12 months.

Honouring a current paid or recently retired professional who has made a major impact on the world of sport and/or physical activity in Sussex during their lifetime which may also include having worked in a voluntary capacity. Evidence will demonstrate that this person has been a key “mover and shaker” over the years, driving change and influencing policy.  They will be well respected having mentored and supported colleagues over their career.  Evidence will demonstrate the extent of the nominee’s contribution including their recent commitment and length of service/commitment. This person will not have received this award or the previously titled ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ before.

This prestigious award will be given to the sportsperson who has displayed an outstanding level of achievement over the last year either as an individual or as part of a team and is competing at a consistently high level in their chosen sport. Supporting evidence must clearly specify their level of achievement and give an indication of where the nominee is ranked in their sport. Non-playing coaches or management are not eligible. Information on the person’s character and any additional activity such as coaching and being an ambassador will be taken into account.

The Volunteer of the Year is unpaid and could volunteer within sport and/or physical activity. They are a volunteer who gives unconditional support to their sport, club or organisation, dedicating great time and effort, often ‘behind the scenes’. They may undertake one or several roles within an organisation and are crucial to the smooth running of that organisation. With devotion and professionalism, they do not seek reward but their efforts over the past year mean they are more than deserving of this accolade. Supporting evidence must make reference to the level of commitment given by this person in both quality and quantity, as well demonstrating the impact that this had on their community. Judges will be looking for volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their role in the past year.

Guidance for Nominations

Nominations will be judged by a panel of judges. Each nomination will be scored on how closely the nominee’s achievements over the past year where specified, meet or exceed the criteria for each award. It is therefore important that you provide as much detail in your nomination as possible.

Nominations must be made with a supporting statement of up to 2500 characters, with key reasons for the nomination being detailed in line with the criteria. No additional supporting evidence will be accepted that is not contained on the nomination form.

Entries received after 12pm midday on Friday 21st October will not be entered for judging, and it will not be possible to shortlist the nominee. Entries should be made online but can be emailed. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent by Active Sussex.

With the exception of the Sports Personality of the Year award, nominees must be a resident or actively involved in sports/physical activity development within the boundaries of East or West Sussex County Councils or Brighton & Hove City Council.

For the Sports Personality of the Year, nominees must be a resident, have been born/lived in, or actively involved in sport within the boundaries of East or West Sussex County Councils or Brighton & Hove City Council, or have another strong connection to Sussex deemed appropriate at the discretion of the judges. We reserve the right to withdraw nominees should the judges deem their link to Sussex to be inappropriate or tenuous.

Nominations have to relate to physical activity. Nominations for e-sports may not be eligible.

With the exception of the Outstanding Contribution to Sport and Physical Activity Award, previous winners can be nominated but all nominees’ activities should relate to the past year (October 2021-October 2022).

Those making nominations must be 16 years or over on 21st October 2022.

With the exception of the Community Engagement Award, the Inclusion & Diversity Award and the Active School of the Year Award, nominees cannot nominate themselves.

No joint nominations for individual categories will be accepted. The Health Improvement Award is open to individuals, or a small team of people, but is a personal accolade as opposed to an organisational award.

There is no limit to the number of nominations from an individual, club or organisation and individuals can be nominated in more than one category (unless stated otherwise). However, where there are multiple nominations for the same individual, club or organisation, the highest score will be counted.

Nominations are actively encouraged from disability sports for all categories.

The three highest-scoring nominations will be shortlisted as finalists in each category and invited to attend the Sussex Sports Awards 2022 on Thursday 24th November.

The judging panel will be appointed by Active Sussex, and will use a scoring system to assess applications. The panel’s decision is final.

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