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Sussex Street Cricket hits Sussex

Sussex Street Cricket hits Sussex

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Street Cricket has hit Sussex!

The Chance to Shine Street cricket programme brings cricket to thousands of young people in urban areas for FREE!

It uses the game to increase aspiration, promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities.

Street Cricket - the game 

  • Fast-paced version of the game.
  • Played with a tapeball - a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape - in small enclosed spaces.
  • Six players per team and 20 balls per innings.

When and where? 

The programme has started and is running at the following venues:

  • Manor Gym, Whitehawk –  Tuesday, 4.40pm – 6pm /ages 7 – 11
  • The Crew Club, Whitehawk – Wednesday, 3.30pm – 5pm / ages 7 – 11
  • Southwick Leisure Centre –  Tuesday, 4pm – 5pm / ages 10 – 13
  • The Y Centre, Hastings –  Monday, 4pm – 5pm / ages 11 – 12
  • Southfields Jubilee Centre, Littlehampton –  Monday, 4pm – 5pm / ages 11 – 14
  • Willingdon Trees Community Centre – Thursday, 4pm – 5pm / ages 11 - 12

All of the sessions are completely FREE, open to boys and girls, run by Sussex Cricket Foundation coaches and all equipment is provided.


You can print flyers for each hub, please click on the links below... 

Taster Sessions  

Sussex Cricket Foundation coaches can provide FREE taster sessions where they can come in and give children a taster of the programme. 

Please contact the lead coach from each session: