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Sustainability pledges made at the Active Sussex Network

Sustainability pledges made at the Active Sussex Network

Delegates were asked to make a sustainability pledge at the Active Sussex Network event on March 5. 

This follows the session on Environmental Sustainability in Sport and Physical Activity and a Q&A session with Duncan Anderson the CEO of South Downs Leisure (which you can watch here).

Most pledges (54 per cent) were about wider system change, while 46 per cent of responders mentioned making personal changes. 

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle featured heavily, sparking thoughts about what to do with lost property items, recycling sports kits or introducing a clothing recycling bin, and repairing equipment rather than buying new items.

But overall, the leading responses were about raising awareness of others and influencing a change in culture within the organisations present. 

This ranged from smaller actions that can have massive changes, like ‘Looking at changing banking options’ as suggested during the presentation, to longer journeys, such as ‘Include sustainability in 1:1 with staff’, adding it as an item on meetings, incorporating it as a focus in work plans and ‘To start the conversations with the team to enable us to write a policy’.

Other pledges looked at using a more eco-friendly web browser, exploring and signposting people to public transport options, while one school suggested it could involve its pupils from its school eco team more in overall strategies. 

If you would like to learn more about how your organisation can start implementing changes that support the environmental sustainability agenda, please visit our Environmental Social Governance page or visit BASIS – The British Association for Sustainable Sport.

Read more about South Downs Lesiure and the work they are doing around Environmental Social Governance here.

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Andy Wright spoke about how delegates can find further support when looking at environmental sustainability
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