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Svend Elkjaer: Keynote Speaker for Collaborate – Share – Learn

Svend Elkjaer: Keynote Speaker for Collaborate – Share – Learn

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Catching up with Svend Elkjaer about Collaborate - Share - Learn, Active Sussex's Annual Conference

Meet Svend Elkjaer - as founder of the Sports Marketing NetworkSvend is widely regarded as one of the leading advocates for applying more innovation and enterprise if we are to deliver more vibrant, visible and viable community sport and physical activity.

As a recently confirmed keynote speaker for Collaborate - Share - Learn, the Active Sussex annual conference, we caught up with Sven ahead of our second network event.

Tell us about your presentation...

To be really successful in community sport and physical activity we must engage the head, heart, hands, and yes, hormones! A plan without passion is just delusional, passion without a plan equals chaos.

The agenda within community sport and physical activity are increasingly focused on getting inactive people active and on creating social good and change through sport and physical activity.

This is bringing together many bodies, institutions and people who previously did not engage with sport and who have no experience of working with sports and physical activity providers.  

Also, many governing bodies and traditional sports bodies have little experience in working with ethnic groups, community enterprises, patient groups, youth clubs and the many other community organisations who engage with many of the inactive groups.

But, the challenge is that if we are to attract and retain inactive people and play a broader role in society we need to think differently, have more empathy with groups whom we have never worked before and be more flexible in the way we engage and communicate.

Whenever working in change, when you are trying to understand people or when you are just trying to persuade them of something, it can be very helpful to consider all four H’s in your analysis and plans.

My presentation will cover how if you can get the Head, Heart, Hands and Hormones all working together, then you can make a real impact.

Collaborate - Share - Learn - the Active Sussex Annual Conference on 14 September 2017 at The American Express Community Stadium

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