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Join us for the This Girl Can Sussex Network Forum: Menopause and Physical Activity from 12.30pm-2pm on Monday 10 May 2021. The event will take place virtually via Zoom, and you can book your place now, until Tuesday 4 May, by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

The menopause is a significant change in a woman’s life and can often have a negative impact on a woman’s physical activity as a result.

Research has indicated that just under a third of women are less active during menopause, yet we know that physical activity can help women manage and cope better with their symptoms. 

90%* of women indicated they would consider physical activity if recommended by a GP or health professional. This shows us that there is an opportunity to introduce or reintroduce physical activity during menopause whilst also supporting longer term physical activity behaviours.

Join us for this forum which will provide insight around women experiencing the menopause and the benefits to engaging with physical activity. 

Women in Sport will present their latest research focusing on menopause and physical activity. We will be joined by Jo Fuller, founder of The Merry Menopause and hear directly from some of our This Girl Can Champions and Ambassadors, about their own journeys and how they are supporting women to get moving during this time in their lives. 

The session will provide an opportunity for partners to reflect on the insight, take on board lived experiences and discover how sport and physical activity provision is supporting women’s physical and mental wellbeing during the menopause. 

*Menopause, Me & Physical Activity – Women in Sport 2018


  • Raised awareness of the menopause and the benefits of physical activity 
  • Recommendations for partners and SPA deliverers to support women to maintain and re-engage with physical activity during menopause
  • More women in participating in physical activity (especially in the 40-55 age bracket) 
  • Awareness of the This Girl Can Sussex Network and Champions

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Bookings are now closed but to check availability if you would like to join please contact gfinlay-gray@activesussex.org.