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The benefits of the Coach Core apprenticeship scheme

Apprenticeship scheme: "It has allowed me to test my leadership skills and given me confidence"

With National Apprenticeship Week currently running (February 6-12, 2023), we caught up with one of our Coach Core apprentices to find out how the scheme has benefitted him.

Aaron Bishop, apprentice with Defiant Sports in Eastbourne.

What impact has Coach Core had on you as an employer/as a young person?

“It has given me confidence to perform in any task or situation given to me. It has also allowed me to expand my coaching knowledge by opening up coaching courses in all different types of sports.”

What were your highlights or best experiences? 

“One highlight was the Coach Core birthday celebration. It allowed me to run boccia games for very important people, including royalty. The second was the Parallel Youth Games. This allowed me to test my leadership skills as I was the most experienced in both boccia and new age kurling. I overlooked both the boccia tournament and the new age kurling tournament, making sure both ran smoothly.”

What advice would you give to other young people considering a Coach Core apprenticeship?

“It allows you to experience coaching in loads of different environments and with lots of different people. It allows you to build confidence while being supported by great learning coaches and other apprentices with different skills to you.”

The employer’s view:

Loretta Lock is the managing director of Defiant Sports and, thanks to the success of the first phase of apprentices, the company has agreed to take on another apprentice in this year’s scheme.

“Because the scheme is so supportive, it encouraged us as an organisation to keep engaging and developing apprentices,” Loretta explained.
“It has allowed us to work with people who have not been engaged in further education and potentially have low hopes for a rewarding career.
“The best result for us was to see our young person grow and bloom! He is now a key member of our supervisory team.”

Active Sussex and the Coach Core apprenticeship scheme

Active Sussex are working with Coach Core to deliver a second sports apprenticeship programme in Sussex in 2022/2023. 

The programme targets 16-24 year olds who are not in education or employment.

By harnessing a number of qualifications, experiences and additional learning opportunities, the goal is to ensure each apprentice goes onto further education or employment and provides greater coaching provision in the communities in which they serve.

Roles are available with Sky High Gymnastics, Sussex Clubs For Young People, DanceHub, Activ8 For Kids, Education Futures Trust, Defiant Sports, and Horsham Sports Services.

Apprentice adverts are live and open for applications until Tuesday, March 7.

To apply, please visit

Read about how apprentice Poppy Martin has found the scheme here.

A man in a blue shirt and brown trousers is shown how to play Boccia, with red and blue balls on the ground, by Aaron (a man with blond hair in a bun wearing a black Coach Core branded top) and another Coach Core apprentice in a wheelchair.
Aaron shows a VIP Guest how to play boccia with another Coach Core apprentice.
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