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The latest Partner Satisfaction Survey Results

The latest Partner Satisfaction Survey Results

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The Active Sussex Partner Satisfaction Survey 2019 was sent to 62 partners, to measure stakeholder satisfaction levels and identify areas of good practice and also for improvement. We received 30 responses - a 48% response rate, which compares positively with the 42% in 2018.

Impact of the Active Partnership

Our partners reported that the Active Partnership has had the biggest impact on them personally, rather than their organisation.
The survey also showed that partners have a good understanding of our role and the support we offer, but they are limited by their budgets and in some cases the need for paying customers.

An inter-connected whole

Respondents in Sussex see themselves as part of an inter-connected whole to a far greater extent than in some other areas. This is encouraging given that Sussex comprises three top-tier local authority areas.
“When I started an event it was solely focussed on providing access to cricket for disabled participants from across Sussex. Through my work with Active Sussex, I have built up a great network so that our last festival included partners from several sports including wheelchair basketball, football and table tennis.”  - NGB

Shared purpose and collaboration

The report shows there is trust and respect, and a shared purpose, but respondents were less emphatic that there is collaboration to achieve that shared purpose. Active Sussex are ahead of the national average on these measures:
  • 80% strongly agreed there is trust and respect for each other in Sussex, in comparison with 52% nationally.
  • 67% strongly agreed we have a clear purpose for why we work together, against 46% nationally.
  • 50% strongly agreed we collaborate around the shared purpose as our starting point, compared with 40% nationally.
Our Independent Chair of Trustees, Stephanie Maurel, said: "The results from the survey are very positive and reflect a fantastic year of work from Active Sussex and the Active Partnership as a whole. The results also help to direct us to some areas where we can add greater focus in our work going forward. I'd like to say a personal thank you to the team for their continued efforts in building these important relationships and for their brilliant work the past year."
Read the full Partner Satisfaction Survey results here.  You can view more reports, research and case studies in our library of sport.