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#ThisGirlCan: Tess Tries… Trampolining

#ThisGirlCan: Tess Tries… Trampolining

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There’s a new fitness craze taking Sussex by storm, and it’s far too much fun to keep to myself.

Before we made this video I’d never been trampolining before in my whole life. When Sky High Trampoline Park opened this year in Peacehaven I knew we had to try it out.

We didn’t just go trampolining either, we went to try BounceFit - a new high intensity, low impact MEGA FUN fitness class that had me sweating out of my eyes and laughing all the way through.

The busy class saw us jumping our way through various exercises, pushing down on the trampoline, jumping high, doing pushups, lunges, crunches, high knees and more – a full body workout to some really pumping tunes – it was epic.

The workout itself is harder than you think it’d be, but it’s ok because everyone’s doing it together, laughing along the way.

It's literally the MOST fun I've ever had at a fitness class, (something finally tipping Zumba for the top spot), and because everything you do is on a nice soft, springy trampoline, your joints will love you and you'll go home grinning like a cat on catnip. 

Where else can you so freely go back to being a child?! Come and play!

BounceFit is on every Monday 7-8pm and Wednesday mornings 10-11am and costs £7.50 per class - a 35 minutes of 'work' and the rest of the time is yours for a free bounce! There are also adult-only, autism friendly, under 5s bounce sessions and so many more, so come along!

Follow more of Tess’s fitness escapades on her blog, and follow her on Twitter for daily updates.