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UK Coaching Week is back!

UK Coaching Week is back!

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UK Coaching Week will take place from the 3-9th June.

Active Sussex fully supports the awareness campaign which empowers athletes, coaches and the general public to celebrate coaching.

This Year 

This year Coaching Week will showcase how great coaching creates the conditions for communities to thrive, inspiring a movement that brings more great coaching to more local communities. 

Rye Runners are one of the clubs in Sussex helping inactive people to become physically active and we took a look at what techniques and approaches the coaches use, in our video below - A Workforce for an Active Nation: Rye Runners.

The Coaching Week 2019 campaign will demonstrate the value of coaching to communities, and how coaching improves social connections and well-being. 

Coaching Week involves all people and places where sport and physical activity can take place. Everyone can get involved – from schools to charities to businesses – each group can play their part in recognising the people who provide great coaching to their communities.   

After all, it doesn’t matter if they are a coach, activator, facilitator, instructor, leader, teacher or trainer. Whatever the label, the end result is always the same – by providing great coaching, they are inspiring others and making a difference. 

During the week, UK Coaching will also be galvanising policymakers to invest in developing great coaches across all communities in the UK so that everyone has access to great coaching experiences, inspiring them to be active for life. 

UK Coaching’s Director of Coaching Emma Atkins, said: "We know that great coaching can drive positive sport and physical activity experiences, helping to deliver a healthier, more active and cohesive society.

"Coaching Week 2019 will not only demonstrate the value of coaching to communities and how coaches improve social connections and well-being, but create a movement that brings great coaching to the lives of many more people."

UK Coaching’s CEO Mark Gannon, said: "Great coaching can have a transformative effect on physical and mental well-being, and on individual, social and economic development. It can increase self-esteem and self-worth, boost confidence and encourage resilient habits. Importantly, these effects are felt by both the participant and the coach.

"The purpose of Coaching Week is to extend what we already know to as many people as possible. We want more people, including partners and stakeholders, to see coaching as part of a solution to problems within our communities, for the benefit of everyone."

Principles of Great Coaching 

The inaugural Coaching Week took place in 2018 and received huge support from key sporting organisations, national and regional media and the wider coaching community.

During the week, UK Coaching launched its Principles of Great Coaching- to help everyone in the UK recognise and celebrate when great coaching takes place.

UK Coaching’s Principles of Great Coaching are:


How to get involved in Sussex 

Find out more 

For more information and to keep up-to-date with all the UK Coaching Week 2019 news, please click here.