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What Do Our Partners Think About Us?

What Do Our Partners Think About Us?

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The County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) Partner Satisfaction Survey was sent to Active Sussex partners (local & national) to gauge stakeholder satisfaction levels and identify areas of good practice and areas for improvement.

The survey was distributed to 84 of our stakeholders, who have worked directly with us over the past 12 months.

We received 35 responses - a 42% response rate. This compares positively with 2017 (33%) and the national response rate in 2017 (29%).  

A stand out result included 61% of our partners stating they 'Strongly Agreed,' and 33% 'Agreed,' that their experience of working with Active Sussex was underpinned by mutual respect and trust. 

Overall 46% of our partners were 'Very Satisfied,' and 49% 'Satisfied' with the quality and support given by Active Sussex.  And 37% of our partners were 'Very Satisfied', and 46% 'Satisfied' with the added value provided by the Sussex CSPN. 

When asked to name the specific areas that Active Sussex added the most value to stakeholders' work, responses included: 'data and insight', 'national and local updates and advice in respect to policies, funding opportunities and governance', 'primary school sport', 'networking opportunities' and 'promotions and marketing'. 

When asked how likely partners would be to recommend us to a friend or colleague, 88% were very likely to.   

Partners expressed the following reasons for recommending us: 'reliable, hardworking and trustworthy team', 'consistent, high quality advice and shared information' and 'strong relationships with a variety of organisations.'

In terms of what people would like to see more of from Active Sussex, our partners said more support with securing project funding – particularly for work with the older generation, data provision and to continue to provide networking opportunities.

So, we will work to improve on these areas highlighted in the survey. To achieve this, our team will work with partners as outlined in our five-year visionary Strategy 2018-2023, which strives to decrease inactivity levels in Sussex, specifically focusing on the most inactive groups of our community which includes older people.

To deliver our commitment to continue to improve our overall services, we will be driven by applied insight and take an evidence and data based approach in how we deploy resources and support partners, and we will communicate this with partners. We understand that strong stakeholder communications are essential and we will continue to provide excellent networking opportunities in different locations across the county.

From this year's results we are extremely pleased, and proud, of our interactions with key partners over the past year. By participating in the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) Partner Satisfaction Survey you are helping us learn and develop in our roles at Active Sussex and we greatly appreciate you taking valuable time to respond to the survey.

The Partner Satisfaction Survey results for 2018, along with comparative dataset for previous years is available HERE.