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What do the women of Brighton love about cycling? 

What do the women of Brighton love about cycling? 

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Tess, our This Girl Can Ambassador was out and about in Brighton during Bike Week asking women and girls of all ages why they loved to cycled! Tess wanted to find out whether the women of Brighton love cycling as much as she does, and what keeps them coming back for the ride. According to Sport England's 2015/16 Active Lives Survey, Sussex has a higher proportion of people who cycle regularly (14.7%) than the national average, with Brighton (18.7%) and Chichester (23.6%) topping the table.

But Brighton's ranking doesn't surprise Tess who believe's that the city is actually very set up for cycling. With lots of well maintained cycle lanes, stretching all along the seafront and to Stanmer Park and Hove if you go the right way. Not to mention the new Brighton bike hire scheme which allows you to top-up your account with as little as £5 and borrow a bike for £1! 

In the mornings the seafront cycle lanes are heaving with all sorts of bikes, it makes Tess really happy to know that she can get to Worthing 80% off the road if she wants to (and it's flat!).  

To celebrate Bike Week and find out what the women of Brighton love about cycling, Tess set out for a ride around the city with the GoPro in hand. She spoke to women of all ages and abilities with all sorts of bikes. The answers are inspiring and confirmed everything she knew about this wonderful sport. Seeing them get all giddy when they spoke about how it evokes childhood memories, brings them joy and makes them feel free reminded her of exactly why she loves to ride. The fact that it also saves them money, keeps them fit and helps them get around the city nice and easy is a happy side effect. 

THIS, is why we ride....