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The barriers I have faced during my physical literacy journey – Alex Bunce

The barriers I have faced during my physical literacy journey - Alex Bunce

My physical literacy journey has come across many barriers – some imposed by external forces and some imposed by myself.

As a young child, I remember swimming with my family at weekends and running along the seafront or riding my bicycle. Ironically, I was 11 when I finally learned to swim independently and I never passed my cycle proficiency at school – cycling and I have never got on!

Primary and secondary school – At my small primary school, I would play netball and rounders, but once I started secondary school this stopped as it was only the ‘sporty’ girls who would get picked for the teams and so it wasn’t fun anymore. I used to drag my feet to the PE classes dreading them, but never being able to come up with a good enough excuse to ditch them altogether.

Further education – I did not do any exercise until I got to university, and then even then it was very sporadic – maybe an aerobics class once a month.

Mid 20s – I joined a gym and health club and enjoyed swimming and doing the odd class here and there. But once I had bills and rent to pay that soon stopped as membership was very expensive. Finally, I found a weekly yoga class in a nearby church hall which I enjoyed, and I took part in that for a couple of years until I moved to a different town. 

Early 30s – I found it tricky to find another yoga class I enjoyed. Also, during this time I was trying to conceive and found it hard to commit to anything. 

Mid 30s – I finally joined hot yoga and did that for a year until I successfully got pregnant. I had just started back a few weeks when COVID-19 hit in 2020. With lockdowns and a young child, joined quite soon after by another baby, once again keeping fit was put on the back burner. However, I did a lot of walking with the pushchair to get them to sleep and often tried to challenge myself by pushing the double buggy up the steep nearby roads. When my youngest was about nine months I decided to try another yoga class and, although I found it a friendly group, it was very ad hoc when it was on, which I found frustrating.

Late 30s – Finally, I decided to join my local gym, and I have been going along to that for the last 14 months. I love the fact I can go anytime, which makes it easy to fit in with childcare and work. I attend a mixture of aerobic and box fit classes, and recently completed the Couch to 5K programme. I am also trying to build up my muscle and strength as I am conscious I am starting to hit the perimenopause stage of my life.

To find out more about what physical literacy means, visit www.activesussex.org/physical-literacy-consensus-statement-for-england-published/

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Alex Bunce tries out yoga to get active
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