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Get to know our This Girl Can Champion – Amy Killick

As we enter the final week of the Tokyo Olympics, we want to celebrate women in sport, and especially all those who are helping to inspire and support more women in girls to get active in Sussex.

Meet one of our This Girl Can Champions, Amy Killick, who teaches Kickboxing, mainly to women and teenage girls. We chatted with Amy to share her personal experience with sport growing up and why she is passionate about boosting opportunities for women and girls to engage with Kickboxing

What was your experience with sport growing up?

I wasn’t really passionate about team sports growing up. I used to horse ride and swim, so I did more individual activities like those up until I was about 12 and then in my teenage years it just school sport and that was about it really.

We didn’t have much choice – I went to an all-girls school and the sport options were very repetitive. It was all about Netball. There was a lack of opportunities and choice really – there was never anyone external who came into school to inspire you to try a new activity.

What inspired you to become a Kickboxing instructor?

I found my love for Kickboxing at 18 and it was a natural progression from there. I wanted to share my own passion with others and help other people to know that it is never to late to find a sport that you click with.

Why are you passionate about encouraging more girls and women into sport?

I’ve seen the positive impacts that sport has on people and particularly working with teenage girls. I’d like to work more with girls in schools again and open up opportunities for girls to engage with physical activity in different ways, and give them more choices.

What would you say to other women or girls who aren’t sure if sport is for them?

I wasn’t overly sporty at school, so even if you don’t see yourself as “sporty”, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a sport or activity you’re passionate about!

Sport is for you rather than for anyone else. It’s never too late to find an activity you enjoy so don’t give up trying to find something and be open to new opportunities.

Find out more about Amy’s Kickboxing sessions on social media:
Facebook: @PureFitAmy
Instagram: @Purefit_uk

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