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The importance of positive role models – Lauren Rickson

The importance of positive role models - Lauren Rickson

Growing up in a sporty family, I was immersed in physical activity from a young age. I enjoyed a range of sports, particularly a love for swimming and horse riding. However, on reflection a lot of sports I was involved in as a younger child were dominated by males, where I often found myself on the sidelines supporting my brother rather than actively participating myself.

Fortunately, when I started secondary school I was inspired by some amazing female PE teachers and their influence ignited my love for sports and physical activity. Throughout secondary education, I was deeply involved in sports, playing for any school sport team I could get involved with and also completing my Junior Sports Leader Award which I have really fond memories of. I’m always really grateful to the positive female influences that shaped my teenage years and beyond as I continued to study PE in higher education.

After having children, my relationship with physical activity faced challenges, particularly because I had to give up horse riding due to family commitments. Also finding time and energy to prioritise physical activity became difficult, slipping down my list of priorities. It took some time to ignite my spark again and find something that I wanted to do, but despite that I’ve adapted, shifting towards activities like open water swimming, walking my dog and incorporating movement into my routine with the kids – all of which I absolutely love!

Reflecting on my journey, I’ve learned that physical activity evolves with life’s stages. It’s about prioritising what brings joy and fulfillment, while also recognising the importance of positive role models along the way!

To find out more about what physical literacy means, visit www.activesussex.org/physical-literacy-consensus-statement-for-england-published/

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Lauren Rickson, Active Sussex Sports Welfare Officer
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